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Meet a Drapery & Design Member – Jean Lawes


If you are a one-woman show, you know it’s easy to feel isolated in this business. But when you see the light and memory-filled workroom Jean Lawes of HomeStyle in Jarrettsville, Maryland, has created, you will know how to side step the ‘all alone’ pitfall. Keep your mementos close, re-purpose a family heirloom or two, paint the walls a sunshine color and learn from your peers. Jean credits Ann Johnson, Michele Williams, Jeanelle Dech and Margie Nance for contributions to her efficient, fuss-free workroom. The cellar of her family heritage home is the place she says she is happy to spend time fabricating “products worthy of my customer’s investment”. If you ever wondered how to make sure your basement workroom stays dry, Jean can tell you how to do that too. Who, but a problem-solver of Jean’s caliber, could add “diatomaceous” to the vocabulary of every workroom operator?

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